Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Seriously, again

Seriously, I am moving back. i really thought it would be different out here, and I never wanted to move again, so soon. In the last 9 years I have moved as many times. I really want to settle. I am excited to move back to Cali. We had gave thought of moving to Utah serious consideration, but jobs are already formed in Cali. I just am so excited to get back west. First, the weather. There was a huge storm last week, and there is so much snow and we are barely topping the forecast with 40 degrees. I've come to learn the New England weather sucks. It is like Seattle, rains every season but winter, then we get snow. Arg. As for moving, things are not going according to what I would say smooth. We do however have our airline tickets. We fly out April 3, late at night. Yeah. All the other details are still being done. I try to remain positive, so until we meet again, keep smiling.

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Maxima said...

Good for people to know.