Thursday, April 26, 2007

It has been such a busy month. We are now out in Cali, and everything has been crappy. It is good to be back, but problems with the movers, of not only our stuff but our car. Guner's job didn't work out as we hoped and neither did mine. So I have been busy looking for a decent job, getting the kids in school, setting up home and all the fun things that go with moving and being a parent. We don't have a DVR anymore (COX back east rocks!), so I miss so much T.V. I use to record everything and watch late at night when the kiddlings were asleep. I do try to watch AI. I haven't made a comment about it recently (besides being busy), mainly because I was so disappointed in Sanjya being there still. But, yeah he's gone. Last night charity show was just sooo long, and it's cool that no one left, but poor Jordin, what a heart attack she must have had. I still don't have an ultimate fave, but I like Chris and Melinda (as I have said before). But these are just my opinions, and we'll see what happens next week.

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