Wednesday, May 9, 2007

not much new

So, how sad is my life that when it comes time to write all I can think about is what I watch on t.v.
I was so disappointed in AI last night. I'm not sure who I want to go, but I want Melinda to stay. I also am way into Dancing with the Stars. I watched it last season, and it is a fantastic show. If I had time I would so take up dancing.
Getting settled into CA stuff is taking so much longer than I wish. I am looking for a better job, as is Guner. I have had allergies so horrible that I am miserable.
Those of you who know me, I am always coloring my hair and what not. The other morning I was looking at my hair in the mirror trying to figure out what to do next, and oh my god. Where on earth did all this grey come from. I went to Sally's, got my coloring stuff and did my hair. I am not looking forward to color my hair to cover it. Because I am NOT going grey!!!
If something eventful happens, I will be sure to post, but excitement is not in my life right now. Just the regular day to day stuff.

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