Thursday, March 1, 2007

another American Idol blob

So, ok, I have been in love with American Idol for ever. But, seriously, this year has yet to win me over. It is pretty boring. If, and it's a big IF, I had to pick who I like for boys it would be Blake and Chris(the one who sang Geek in the pink). I enjoyed them the other night. But that's it. For the girls, awe, I don't know. Antonella just needs to go. Obviously Lakisha has a fantastic voice, and I also have liked Melinda. I don't have a favorite girl yet either. Every other year I have had a favorite right from the go, so I hope these stay in the running, or that the others step way up, or next week will be another boring week for me. I am not a qualified judge, but if these songs were on in my car, the scan button would be going for a while.

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