Thursday, March 8, 2007

american idol again

ok, so I wanted to do this to keep people up to date on my life, but I just need to get out a little AI stuff. Boring. Same as last week. I still like Chris and Blake the most as far as the guys go. I want to like Brandon, but I still need a little help. For the girls, I want to cry. Antonella is just not good. Last week I forgot to mention, that I do like Sabrina, I hope that she does well. And of course, Lakisha, and my fav. so far is Melinda. I have a DVR and I want to fast forward through so much of it, but I do listen to each person, and cringe for most. I hope tonight has the right people going home, or I should say, the right people staying. As for now, I will leave this at what it is, my thoughts on AI.

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Jessica K. said...

I know this comment is totally belated, but I didn't know you were a blogger until today! Are you still watching AI? I'm so happy Sanjaya finally went home. I like Chris, too, but I can't hop on board with Blake - something about him screams Utah to me. I can't put my finger on it.

Anyway, I'm reading you now, so keep those posts coming! If I'm understanding correctly, you should be back in Cali. Tell us about it!

Miss you,