Friday, March 16, 2007

life comes at you fast

i never thought of myself as one who takes big chances. I like to have fun, but keep it safe. I thought moving to the east would be great, a big safe chance. I took the chance and it was safe, but now we are moving back. Now driving out here, that's a big unsafe chance. Lights and stop signs are just suggestions. I have never seen so many people just go. in the wrong lane, just turn your blinker on and go, no matter who's in the way, even if it means crossing 4 lanes of traffic. before I moved here, I always saw double parking on movies, not so now. You just park your car for whatever reason in front of whomever and you can even leave the car on with the music blasting. Bradlee and I went to the store and there was a persons car left on with the 'g' music blaring and no one inside(parked in the driving lane), he was 'Wow mom, how does that car talk'. Don't even get me started on the traffic at my kids school. But like I said we are moving back. The moving truck comes on the 27th of this month, so we have been packing and selling stuff. I am so excited to get home. So, I will try to keep on things during this. Until next time......

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