Wednesday, May 19, 2010

long time friend

oh my....
time flies. I actually forgot I had this, then I forgot the password. I have since changed my email address, so I had to think to find it.
The last year or so, wow, lots have happened.
I was promoted at work.
I am almost divorced.. will be final soon.
with out going into too much detail, we are all healthy.
School's almost out for the summer, and the kids are going to go see their grandparents in Montana. I love that they are able to have this type of experience.
Brad is almost done with 4th grade and Em is almost done with 3rd. It's so crazy how we grow up and have kids and we don't feel as old as we are. I still talk to some friends from way back in the day, and I hope my kids stay in contact with friends they are making now, forever. So, as I always say, I need to stay current on this, maybe I will.

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