Thursday, March 20, 2008


Guitar Hero. Lets just say that I need practice, and possibly lots of it. My 8 year old is super at it, and I just need lots of practice. So this is something new that I have been doing. I am trying to do more, although I'm not sure a game counts. But hey. I have been sick for this past week and have lost my voice. My kids have been out of school for spring break, and I had plans to do all sorts of fun stuff, but being sick has not made that a reality. I took a couple of extra days off of work to be with them. I have seriously enjoyed being with them more, we needed mommy and kid time. Work is work, and its alright, so nothing new there. For S. Patty's day, we went to Streets of London with some friends (Belinda you rock drunk) and I had so much fun. My face hurt from laughing so much, needless to say we don't go out much. That is one thing I am trying to change. (Hence the trying new things as stated above) If it takes St. Patty's day to get me out, lets have it come every week. Well, not much new is going on. I must say David Cook , Michael, and Brooke are my fav's on AI, just to throw that out. We all now Archie will do good no matter what. For now , later :D

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