Saturday, December 29, 2007

Finally over

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year, all the fun decorating, the eggnog, people usually being more friendly(outside of shoppers), just the plain atmosphere. So when I had both my kids right before Christmas, I was ok with that. But I tell you, as they get older, the Holidays are a blur. From thanksgiving to after Christmas is so hectic. Especially working retail. Planning both the kids' friends party's which they each get their own cake specially made by mom, then the family birthday with another special cake, and all those cupcakes to school. Then comes work and sleep. Then there's trying to shop for birthday and Christmas. Keeping the house clean, and wait, I know I have to do laundry somewhere in there. So needless to say, this year I didn't get any Christmas cards out, but to keep the stress off, I told my self I will just do New Year cards, after the new year. Next year I will start planning in July. Probably not but we'll see.
As for the kids, Bradlee turned 8 and Emily 6. Emily is missing 4 front teeth, I will have to get a current picture of her, and Bradlee, well, he has been growing his hair out for a couple years now, but I pretty much cut it all off. I was trying to trim it, and was like what the heck. He was NOT happy. I will get new pictures posted on myspace soon. We got a new camera in June and it broke in Nov., we just got around to getting a new one a couple weeks ago(in time for the birthdays?), and wouldn't you know it, the charger didn't work, so I didn't have a camera for the birthdays. But we finally got that taken care of, so soon I will get both pictures of the kids up.
I hope that everyone had a good holiday ( although it's finally over) =)

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Jessica K. said...

It sounds like a crazy time! But fun! I hope you and your family are well, and have an excellent 2008!!