Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday Nights

Another night. I close at work on Tuesday's. Tonight was alright. I must say I have learned to have fun, I normally am busy and try to do so much, and I decided to have more fun cuz yes yes, everyone else is. So I jumped on that bandwagon. I do my job, I just have fun. That said, I now have to unwind, but I am off tomorrow. So this past weekend, I went jet skiing with Cassie and Alex and what fun. Brad had so much fun, I had him ride with me, and he normally is hesitant with things, but he loved it. The weather was beautiful and it was a nice Easter. Not much else going on with me, just working out, and excited to get the DWTS video to work out to. I would love to take up dancing, so this will have to do (for now). I don't have a fave yet on the actual DWTS, but it's not Kristie Y.

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