Wednesday, May 14, 2008

another day

So, today is my Friday. I am so tired. I have closed so much at work this past week. Tomorrow will definitely be day of relax. Last week I went on a field trip with my son which I mentioned before, however, I didn't mention something. My son is getting older and in many ways he still acts like a small child. When I take him to school, he no longer likes to give me a hug goodbye or hold my hand. Sad, but he is growing up. On our field trip though, he held my hand, and on the bus he put my arm around him and leaned on me. It was soooo nice. Times like this are so wonderful. Brad is growing up so fast and every now and again he lets me be mom in public. It was a good day with him. Well, I guess it's time to try to go to sleep, and enjoy tomorrow.

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